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Privacy Policy

All required consents are designed for maximum protection of visitors to the website in order for the  visitors to enjoy the content of this website safely with the utmost protection of visitors’ personal data and with assurance that visitors to the website only receive the information visitors want to receive.


Business license owner Jill Levine (hereafter referred to as “operator”, or “administrator”), with a residence in Livingston NJ, identification is protecting personal information gathered within the use of website to the maximum extent possible achieved by modern technology, which corresponds to the degree of technical development. Administrator makes all best efforts to take necessary and relevant  technical precautions, which serve to prevent malpractice, damage or destruction of personal data.

If a user or visitor of the website (hereafter referred to as “visitor”) is not satisfied with the usage of his personal data within the website, visitor is able to contact the administrator through e-mail and ask for change in his personal data usage or storage, or their deletion.


Content and purpose of this document:

  • This document contains information about protection of personal data provided by visitors to website.

  • Purpose of this document is to inform the visitors of their rights and provide them with comprehensive information in regards to how their personal data is processed and handled.

Content of the document:

  • Administrator of personal data

  • Which personal data are being processed by the administrator and how the data are being collected

  • What is the administrator’s intention behind personal data processing, duration of personal data storage and data storage entitlement

  • Accessing the personal data by third party entities

  • Other rights entitled to visitors, concerning personal data protection

  • Other important information for applying visitor rights



Which personal data are being processed by the administrator and how the data are being collected:

  • Administrator is processing data, which are provided by the visitor. In specific cases, the user may provide the data by filling in a contact form located on the website,   providing the data while creating the contract and coherent documents and in coherence to entering contracts (i.e. in coherence with digital products delivery), by phone, in writing, by email or other communication channels (SMS messages, app messaging, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, WeChat or similar). ​​

  • In case of specific event concerning personal data protection, when administrator is obliged to have full approval of visitor, administrator is able to process the data only with visitor’s approval.

  • Data are provided to administrator by visitor only voluntarily, only in specific cases the this data is required, e.g.- if administrator is not able to distribute the purchased product without being provided with the visitor’s personal data (e.g.- if the product is supposed to be delivered to a specific electronic address, which the visitor wouldn’t provide or provided incorrectly) or to present a service (e.g.- consulting requires specific data to be provided). Mandatory data are provided by the user only in cases where law imposes so.

  • Personal data can be categorized as “common personal data” or can be part of a special category of data, i.e.- “sensitive data” in terms of which the law decree determines more rigorous conditions of processing.

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