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What people are saying


"The relationship with

yourself sets the tone

for every other

relationship you have."

"Jill's energy is intoxicating. You will feel it from the first moment you meet her.  I hired Jill after my divorce and needed help working through the heartache and fear of the unknown. Her techniques allowed me to see myself differently and I look forward to many more sessions."

-Susan Lawler


"It all begins in your mind. What you give power to has power over you."

"I'm truly grateful for Jill.  She gave me a vision statement that I cannot wait to work towards.  She is so motivating and I feel more empowered!"

-Jenny Safti


"You're always

one decision away

from a totally

different life."

"Jill’s unique coaching methodology always leave me equipped with new tools to pursue my personal and professional goals. But perhaps her most valuable contribution has been what she doesn’t say. She listens masterfully. Beyond hearing me, she somehow seems to step into my world with me so that we are looking out at my life together. She hears the questions and challenges I share from a context of what’s possible beyond them. With Jill, conversations always provide me with an access to personal development and professional achievement that I didn’t even know was possible. In our work, I’ve come to realize that my success and satisfaction begin with discovery. Through Jill’s coaching, I’ve been able to uncover obstacles and opportunities for growth that have expanded my sense of self, purpose, and quality of life in remarkable and lasting ways."

-Anthony Blackmon

"I hired Jill to help me get out of my corporate Job where I'm unhappy and unmotivated.  Jill is helping to guide me on how to network properly and I now have opportunities in several different roles. I feel a new motivation in other areas of my life now too.  I thought I just needed her help with a new job but I got so much more.  My wife sees a big change too."

-Rich G


"You meet people for a reason. Sometimes it's because they're meant to change your life, and sometimes it's because you're meant to change theirs."

"I have Jill listed as my  "cheerleader" in my phone contacts because thats how I feel when I work with her.  She's a great listener and its clear that she has the tools to see my personal situation with a different lens, one I am now adopting.  She helps me take the fear and anxiety out of situations.  She says she isn't a therapist but I disagree!"

-Jamie L


"The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." 

"Jill was referred to me by a mutual friend to help guide me through a difficult situation I was having, and I couldn't be more grateful that she did. Jills ability to understand communications, emotions, and overall human connection and experience is profound. She helped  me with my confidence. She has helped me more than my therapist of 5 years ever has.  She has a true gift, her natural ability to coach people is like nothing Ive ever experienced, she's not there to only help you with one specific aspect of your life, she truly does it all. Because our lives aren't meant to be treated as separate little pieces, we are one complete individual, so why would you ever work with someone who can't help you entirely? Jill is INCREDIBLE."

-Amanda N


"People begin to

become successful

the minute they

decide to be."


"Look for something

positive in each day,

even if some days

you have to look

a little harder."

"I've been working with Jill for the last 12 months and I absolutely love our time together.  I feel a burst of new energy when we meet and I learn more and more about myself.  Jill has provided practical tips and exercises that have helped me so much and I didn't get this from other coaches in the past - she really does stand out with her methods. I'm lucky to have been referred to Jill and I look forward to a long coaching relationship with her."

-Mikaela E



your thoughts

and you

change your world."

"I have only just begun to

work with Jill and in such a

short period of time, I have

noticed a huge shift in my

thought process and how I

handle certain situations.

With her guidance I am

reaching goals that

once seemed unattainable

to me. She truly has a gift. I am

looking forward to continuing

this journey with her

by my side."

-Apryl G.

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